Swanswell Medical Centre Tel: 0121 706 5676

If you require a doctor's appointment, you will be able to book on the day by telephoning the surgery from 8.00 am.  You can also book appointments online - please ask at Reception for online access so that you may book your appointment at any time from your computer or mobile device.  Appointments booked online are pre-bookable up to four weeks in advance.

Depending on your problem, you will be offered an appointment with a doctor or nurse, or be referred to the triage service for assessment by the duty doctor or nurse practitioner. The triage process is designed to ensure you receive care from the most appropriate healthcare professional, or to signpost you to the service most likely to meet your needs.


When referring you to the triage service, the reception team will need to ask you a few confidential questions to assess the severity and urgency of your condition and provide the duty clinician with some key information. If you feel unable to answer these, please inform the receptionist that your matter is "Personal" and the triage duty clinician will subsequently contact you.  

Should your preferred doctor not be available the day you choose to consult and you feel able to wait, then you will be asked to ring the next day the doctor is available. Alternatively, you can choose to have an appointment with another doctor.

If your problem is not urgent, please avoid ringing the surgery on a Monday, as this day has the highest level of demand for appointments in the NHS. 

Please remember, appointments for the day will be available throughout the week.

A number of early morning and late evening appointments are held each day for patients who work.  These appointments can be booked in advance through the website or directly.

Please respect our request to book one appointment per person and avoid lists of problems. This will help to prevent - as far as is possible - late running of appointment times, resulting in patient dissatisfaction and a stressful working environment where clinicians are more at risk of making mistakes because they are rushing to keep-up. Where you anticipate that for an unavoidable reason the problem will require more than the usual appointment time, please consider booking a double appointment.

Clinician Consulting Times

Morning: 8.15am – 12.00pm
Evening: 2:00pm - 6.30pm (except Wednesday - no evening surgery)


Home Visits

We are able to visit patients who are housebound due to physical disability or to mental ill-health and those who are severely unwell.

Every effort should be made to attend the practice where there are full facilities for assessment and care.

As for all NHS services, patients are expected to attend using public transport, including taxis. The decision to visit is at the discretion of the doctor.

Whenever possible, visits should be requested before 10.30am. Please ensure that the urgency of the visit is clearly stated and why.

Please click here to view our Home Visit Policy


You may telephone to leave a message for your doctor.  The receptionist will indicate when the doctor is likely to be able to respond, which may not always be the same day.

Workers Appointments

A number of early morning and late evening appointments are held each day for patients who work.  These appointments can be booked in advance by contacting the Reception team on 0121 706 5676 during normal opening hours.