Care Navigation

Our reception staff are trained to operate as Care Navigators.  When they ask you the reason for your appointment, it is to ensure that they direct you to the person or service that is the most appropriate for you.

Our reception staff may ask you additional questions based on your symptoms – these are questions that have been specified by a GP in order that we may treat your symptoms in an effective and efficient manner.

Our GPs have prepared a list of conditions that do not usually require a GP appointment, and as such may be dealt with by our reception staff.

We also operate a daily Triage clinic.  If you are placed on the Triage clinic, then a clinician will look at your symptoms and determine the appropriate manner in which to deal with them.  You may receive a telephone call if the clinician decides he needs more information from you; you may receive a telephone call from our reception staff to relay advice from the GP or to book you an appointment at the surgery; or you may receive a text message from your GP with further advice.

Your co-operation ensures that GP appointments are available to those who need them.